INWORX provides large-scale painting & spraying services for commercial and industrial clients across the European Union. We serve real-estate developers, general building contractors, business and industrial facility clients with our experience, commitment and professionalism.

INWORX team will make sure that your painting, spraying or coating project will run smoothly, safely and with top-notch results.

We are committed to world-class craftmanship, personal customer service and high efficiency.


With all nessesary certifications, ongoing training on safety & quality standards, and the latest premium equipment, INWORX is the best commercial & industrial painting contractor that will professionally manage your project and deliver long-lasting effects.

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Since our commitment to technical excellence and customer's satisfaction, INWORX works closely with specialized manufacturers and distributors of spraying equipment and construction fluid products, to make sure we always stay on top of the market.

Thanks to our broad knowledge of fluid handling technology and spraying applications: spray finishing and paint, lubrication, sealants and adhesives, sanitary processing and highly efficient application equipment, INWORX can deliver the most challenging projects with A+ results.

We are guided by customers satisfaction and safety & quality standards.


INWORX team takes pride in their contribution, shares strong quality principles and are dedicated to provide you with a personal, friendly and professional service experience.

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