What is airless paint spraying and its benefits?

The main advantage of airless paint spraying is ability to save time and money for a painting contractor. Airless spraying is faster than traditional painting methods such as rolling and brushing. It also offers a higher quality finish on all kinds of surfaces thanks to an even coat of paint on all types of services.

Airless sprayer is up to 10 times faster than using a brush, and at least 4 times as fast as a roller. Please take a look at this video by Graco on airless spraying to get to know the fastest and most versatile way to achieve professional painting results when spraying the widest variety of materials.


How to choose the correct airless paint spraying tip?

How to choose the right tip for the job is always a challenge that will determine the quality of your finish and help you save a significant amount of time and money by using less material and finishing your jobs faster. The correct airless paint sprayer tip for your painting or spraying job will make sure that overspray is reduced to a minimum and will increase the longevity of your spray tip and pump.

We encourage you to watch this video by Graco that will teach you the benefits of the different spray tips and how you can choose the correct tip for each material type and painting job site.

Only top quality components provided by leading manufacturers such as Graco are 100% tested for flow rate to meet the tough standards of painting contractors.